Album Stickers Festi Maltin u Ghawdxin

The first ever sticker album produced in Malta about Maltese Feasts.

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Why is everyone so interested?

Maltese people love feasts, the ones that aren't keen on feasts, love their Maltese heritage.

Over 500 people booked their own numbered edition of the Album. It's like saying: "I want to own one of the very first Albums ever produced in Malta!"

This is the first Album in a collection of 3 albums that will cover the main feasts celebrated in Maltese and Gozitan towns and villages.

For the true Enthusiast, This edition can't be missed!

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First Edition!

The first edition of the first sticker album made in Malta ever. There will be other albums, but there will never be another first.

This Edition

This year's album will cover the very first half of the feasts celebrated in Malta. The photographers have captured the essence of each feast in terms of Church, patron Saint, the clubs, the street decorations, the fireworks, the atmposphere and more...


the Album and Stickers can be purchased from most stationeries and band clubs in Malta and Gozo. If you find any difficulty obtaining the album or the stickers, please contact us on facebook.


The Album costs €12.99. A packet of stickers costs €1. Each packet contains 6 stickers and some packets will contain a surprise.

Future Editions

In 2018 we will issue the second edition that will cover the second half of the feasts in Malta. The third edition (2019) will cover the feasts in Gozo.

Collectors' Item

Lot's of interest has been registered since the concept was launched on facebook in Summer 2017. This album will provide the collectors and cultural enthusiasts a snapshot of the Maltese Feast environment in 2017/2018. Future generations will offer a good price to own a copy.

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